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About me


I’m Shiri, a jewelry designer and goldsmith artist of fine jewelry.

My favorite jewelry pieces are the ones I'm created by using both innovative techniques like 3D modeling with traditional crafting methods I learned from my teachers more than 15 years ago. 

I handmade every jewerly piece I wear and sell. Each design was crafted with love (mostly for my wife) and chosen to be in my online collection after careful thought and examination.


Over the years, I’ve realized that my jewerly has a unique footprint I’ve created without planning. 

A raw, asymmetric design with feminine curves and hidden gemstone locations. I trust the design process and let it lead me to new and magical places.


I’m married to Sharon, the love of my life, and we are both mothers of two amazing kids (Yaeli & Ron). Ima Shiri in Hebrew is Mom Shiri, which is what our kids call me. I won’t deny that some days I can’t hear that name anymore (-:


I’m also a big fan of neon and led lighting, shiny glitter, and all things that glow in the dark. My daughter and I have share a similar dream, of having a fairy dust waterfall in our living room…I wish I could make that dream come true at some point.

I invite you to my world, enjoy!


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